vrijdag 23 mei 2014

prototype 45

Further stadium of prototype: P44

Expected positive: Bernoux will be positive surprised, rubber ring is good.
Unexpected positive: pen didn't break

Expected negative: Pen will break
Unexpected negative: Rubber ring came loose, pen needs to be very strong.

donderdag 15 mei 2014

Design for everyone - Activity Center - Perstekst

Bernoux Demeulemeester is 18 jaar, en heeft een mentale leeftijd van 2 jaar. Ze leeft samen in een leefgroep met een tiental andere jong volwassenen, in het zorgcentrum “Maria ter engelen”.
Op deze leeftijd is Bernoux enerzijds zeer sterk en krachtig, aan de andere kant is ze supersnel afgeleid en wil ze allerlei nieuwe dingen uitproberen. Zo maakt ze bijvoorbeeld veel speelgoed kapot en vraagt ze veel aandacht van de begeleiders. Hierdoor is geen enkel spelletje of activity board boeiend of schokvrij genoeg voor haar.
Wij komen met een oplossing voor dit probleem, namelijk een Wii remote smartboard. Volgens het simpele principe van projectie kan op volledig veilige manier geïnterageerd  worden. Een Wii remote die je in de richting van de projectie plaats kan IR licht van onze IR pen ontvangen. Via online open software kan dit Infrarood licht van onze IR pen omgezet worden naar een muisbeweging. Zo neemt de IR pen de functie over van de computer muis.

Op die manier kunnen dus eindeloos (online) spelletjes gespeeld worden zonder de concentratie te verliezen of iets kapot te maken. Dankzij de hulp van ons Wii remote smartboard is het voor Bernoux en anderen van de leefgroep mogelijk om zich zonder aandacht van de begeleider bezig te houden op een leuke manier.

CLIENT :: Bernoux Demeulemeester
IO :: Bert Boute, Ward Meeus
ERGO :: Sarah Carbon


dinsdag 13 mei 2014

prototype 44

Further stadium of prototype: P40

Expected positive: Positive suprise, focused on the movements
Unexpected positive: calibration works good on a bigger screen, no need for full calibration.

Expected negative: IR-pen will be fast broken, she will not like it.
Unexpected negative: She was very fast distracted from the beamer, light, pen and shapes.

maandag 5 mei 2014

Prototype 41, 42 & 43

In case Bernoux doesn't get's away with the IR-pen, we provided some alternatives to work with.

Prototype 41

First is a simple 2led-bike lamp, where we can change the led into IR leds. It has a ring to put around your finger.

Expected positive: not much irritation on skin
Unexpected positive: palm of the hand is free, so she can knock on the wall with her hand

Expected negative: Inpired by the thing on her hand, distracted, wil brake it or try to disassemble the light.
Unexpected negative: Uses the other side of the palm to draw on the wall. Weird but that says she's seeying a connection between the leds and the game.

Prototype 42

The second tool is also a bike led light but this time with 3 leds. We only changed the middle led to a IR led. We fasten the light to bike glove with velcro.

Expected positive: Gloves will be on easy with some help, after that it will not irritate her on the hand.
Unexpected positive: The light keeps good connection to the glove, good handling with the glove

Expected negative: Light will fall of when she is very active. Otherwise she will disassemble it or break it.
Unexpected negative: Uses the other side of the palm to draw on the wall. Weird but that says she's seeying a connection between the leds and the game.

Prototype 43

The last tool is a simple piece of old wetsuit material that stretches nice around the hand. Again the same light as before is attached with velcro.

Expected positive: Good connection with Wii remote, easy on without help from attendant.
Unexpected positive:  The light keeps good connection to the glove, good handling with the glove.

Expected negative: Will irritate her by its form around her hand. Will be distracted by it.
Unexpected negative: Uses the other side of the palm to draw on the wall. Weird but that says she's seeying a connection between the leds and the game.

zaterdag 3 mei 2014

prototype 40

Further stadium of prototype: P32

Expected positive: Tracing works well
Unexpected positive: calibration works good on a bigger screen, no need for full calibration.

Expected negative: person who holds the IR pen obstructs sometimes the IR camera view.
Unexpected negative: 

woensdag 23 april 2014

Prototype 36-39

In the following movie you can see the handling of bernoux with the 4 different prototypes.
Bernoux was very calm and happy today so the collaboration was very good.

Movie Prototypes:


Prototype 36 (Gloves)

On the first test she wasn't able to get the gloves on in the right way. The second time she did.
This hand-tool offers a possibility to work with because she can put/keep it on her hand.

We only did a very short test so wee don't know how long she is able to hold in on (irritation or distraction).
The supervisors also told this was maybe a possibility.

Prototype 37 (Wristband)

As you can see in the movie, the wristband is very use friendly. It's very easy on and off. The disadvantage of this tool is that the (later attached) IR LED will be at the wrist and not the finger. She seems to have no problem having the wristband on.

Prototype 38 (Thick Pin)

The Thick Pin was not so popular. She seems to struggle with the working of it, also moving is very difficult. How thicker the pin, the less good it lies in your hand. So the conclusion with this tool is that it's a little to big to work with.

Prototype 39 (Small Pin)

Drawing has always been a weak point for bernoux. But coloring with a pin seems to work out. She proved that with the smaller pin. With this tool she is able to draw some lines on a piece of paper, the question is again how long she will be focused on the pen and eventually the smartboard.

Till now are of our options are still open. The real reactions will need to be tested with a real interaction. Then we can see how long they are focussed and if it comes throug the game or the hand-tool.

Giving an example of other people in the living group who are asking for attention. Meanwhile Bernoux was very distracted by the actions of the other person, so some of the test where a bit slower then the others

Movie distraction:


Testing & observation Bernoux 23/04

This morning we visited Bernoux again to do some testing with ceveral tools for the interaction with the smartboard. We had some interesting object wich can be provided with the IR LED. These object will then be used as recognition tool for the wii remote.

Our goal here was to look and see which tool bernoux handled best, so it doesn't get of or irritates her while playing with the smartboard.

We used the following tools in our test scene:

  • Mini towel
  • Wristband
  • Gloves
  • Thick Pin
  • Smaller Pin
Everyone was very busy at the moment we arrived, so we tried to do our testing very quickly.

maandag 21 april 2014

Preparation on the observation on 23/04/2014

Purpose of structured and participatory observation on 04/23/2014:
• Bernoux has sufficient sensorimotor functions and skills .
• Bernoux holds a dominant hand and hand fixation .
• Bernoux mastered sufficient coordination patterns in upper limbs such as reaching , make symmetrical movements , bimanual coordination , dissociations , ...

Types of handles:
- Ulnar handle: grab with pinky and ring finger
- Digito-palmar grip: grip with four fingers and the palm
- Digital Radio handle: grasp the thumb with the four fingers
Ø  Cylinder Handle: grasping with the thumb and fingertips
Ø  Key Grip: grasping with the thumb relative to the radial side of the index finger
Ø  3 - fingertip grip: grip with the thumb , index and middle finger
Ø   Inferior pincer grasp: grab the DIP ( distal inter - phalanx ) of the index finger and thumb
Ø   Superior grip tweezers: grasp with the tips of the thumb and index finger
Ø   Handle Cover Letter: surface of the fingers with full thumb opposition
Ø  Wide grip: Grasping with DIP's all fingers and thumbs
Ø   Handle Scissors: Opposition thumb - middle finger
Ø   Hook Handle: flexion of the fingers , with or without the thumb
Ø   Cross Handle: Opposition of the thumb with the index and middle finger , fixation with the other fingers
Ø  Latero lateral grip: Grasping the lateral sides of two fingers
Ø  Brush Handle: Grasping the thumb, index and middle finger
Ø   Pencil Grip: Grabbing the tips of the thumb and the index finger and the lateral side of the middle finger

Observe which handles Bernoux performs without any trouble .
Objects will be made to analyze in Bernoux . Handles the common during the structured and participant observation. Later, the sensors can be applied to the object (in this grip ) that it uses Bernoux best. (Here we are alert to the power of Bernoux and the possibility of destroying the material = durability!)
 è To use  ‘the Smartboard ' easy, we prefer the digito - palmar grip , grip the cylinder , the 3 - fingertip grip and wide grip .
On Wednesday, 23/04/2014 these handles are observed .

- Washing
- Glove
- Thick pin / glue tube
- Soft cloth
- Soft ball ( the mousse can’t be torn)
- Film
- Projector (from GKG )

dinsdag 8 april 2014

Proto 35 different kind of IR pens

With the first set up of proto 32 we could only get a range of 30 cm.
To get a longer range, we need a stronger IR led. therefore we will use a LED running at minimum 100mA.   Vishay TSAL6400s

Simple schematic of the IR LED pen set-up.

To get a stronger IR beam, building an IR LED array would be another possibility:

vrijdag 4 april 2014

Proto 34 tracking fingers

Using an LED array and some reflective tape, you can use the infrared camera in the Wii remote to track objects, like your fingers, in 2D space. This lets you interact with your computer simply by waving your hands in the air similar to the interaction seen in the movie "Minority Report". The Wiimote can track upto 4 points simultaneously. The multipoint grid software is a custom C# DirectX program.

donderdag 27 maart 2014

proto 33 proof of concept

On this video you can see how that the IR LED is working on a laptop screen. Only the callibration was still a problem.

dinsdag 25 maart 2014

Prototype 32

Smartboard calibration on a laptop screen.
White dots are IR LED's.

This is a Proof of concept showing that the IR LED pen works on a laptop screen.

Further stadium of prototype: P30

Expected positive: IR LED pen will be hard to get it working
Unexpected positive: IR LED pen is easy to install/ work with.

Expected negative: Not compatible or not working.
Unexpected negative: calibration is difficult and LED is too weak. 

zondag 23 maart 2014

Observation Bernoux + Discussion with the educator on 15/03/2014

Observation Bernoux saturday 15/03/2014:

We choose an observation on Saturday. There are less people present at the center. Bernoux is less distracted and we can keep the focus on Bernoux.

- She likes rotating heads.
- She can withstand light noises
- She has some moments distraction -> Activity board -> challenge for Bernoux?
- She covers her ears when the noise is undesirable
- Interpretation: She likes prototype 12: shaped ''things'' with toys on
- She's restless if the educator leaves
- She takes the board of the table.
- She can't look for a longtime in the small mirror
- She throws her board away, if she's irritated

Discussion with the educator:

The educator was enthusiastic when we show her a movie from the Smartboard.
She shows us pictures from the centrum where they can rent some toys. They have a lot of toys that can be integrated in the activitycentrum. So we think also that the Smartboard is a bigger challenge.
We have discuss het price about the material. There is no budget in the centrum. We make a appointment with the dady of Bernoux.

donderdag 20 maart 2014

Prototype 31

Reaktickles is an open source platform/ application for people with autism spectrum.

Prototype 30

New idea/prototype is a projection by a projector/beamer where simple tools can make an interactief smartboard.

You can find more info on the movie above or the links below:



We made a small price calculation with the necessary components:

- Wii remote controller (20-30 euro)

- Projector/beamer of LCD scherm
      Proposal: Pico projector ( +- 300 euro, small projectors)
      Link: http://www.beamercenter.be/category/183654/pico-beamers.html?ref=80026&gclid=CKSdldHnoL0CFU_KtAodEGUAcg&sort=price&dir=a&page=1&items=10

- Laptop of pc (preferably 32-bit)
  (Microsoft (XP/Vista/MAC Bootcamp)

   - BlueSoleil
   - Widcomm
   - Dell/HP/ect Laptop
   - Toshiba
   - Logitech Stack

-Infrared-pen (low cost easy to make)

The advantage of this idea is that nothing can be destroyed.

dinsdag 18 maart 2014

prototype 29

Further stadium of prototype: P6
The first activity center again. In this test we gave Bernoux the prototype and just watched what happened.
We tested this one for the second time.
Used prototypes:P7,P9,P10,P12 

Expected positive: She gets all the ideas of the toys
Unexpected positive: She stays calm and tries some things more then just once

Expected negative: Breaking the board because she is tired of using the toys.
Unexpected negative: Superfast derivated and searching for attention and other things to do.

prototype 28

Further stadium of prototype: P17
This is the second Activity center. Also in this test we gave Bernoux the prototype and just watched what happened.
Here we tested the radio once again, to make sure that she doesn't like it. Conclusions were pretty obvious.


Expected positive: She likes the radio, because she is fascinated by melodies. She knows how it works
Unexpected positive: /

Expected negative: She will not notice that you have to push the melodie button to be able to use the ohter button.
Unexpected negative: She totaly detests the music melody that the radio maken when pushing on the button. Obvious reaction.

prototype 27

Further stadium of prototype: P16
This is the second Activity center. Also in this test we gave Bernoux the prototype and just watched what happened.

Used prototypes: rubber flos
Expected positive: trying everything till she gets it.
Unexpected positive: is waiting and is quietly, tries to put back te rubber in the holes.

Expected negative:  Loud and breaking the board, distraction,  trying to get everything of the board after she tried all the toys.
Unexpected negative: /

prototype 26

Further stadium of prototype: P16
This is the second Activity center. Also in this test we gave Bernoux the prototype and just watched what happened.

Used prototypes: P17,P18,P19,P20,P21,P22 
Expected positive: gives attention
Unexpected positive: can't hold her concentration for more than 2 minutes on an element, fast changing of toy.

Expected negative: distraction
Unexpected negative: doesn't love the sound, has problems with the mirror (loses herself)

maandag 17 maart 2014

prototype 25

Further stadium of prototype: P6
The first activity center. In this test we gave Bernoux the prototype and just watched what happened.
Used prototypes: P14 

Expected positive: doesn't take long before they pay attention to the sign
Unexpected positive: plays with all the elements

Expected negative: distraction, takes the board of table
Unexpected negative: little interest

prototype 24

Further stadium of prototype: P6
The first activity center. In this test we gave Bernoux the prototype and just watched what happened.

Used prototypes: P7,P9

Expected positive: eye-handcoordination, bimanual working and attractive noising
Unexpected positive: no overstimulation

Expected negative: only attracted to certain matters
Unexpected negative: distraction

Prototype 23 first test

Verder gebouwd op prototype: P6

Dit is het eerste activity center.
In deze test werd het prototype gewoon aan Bernoux gegeven en keken we wat er gebeurde.

Gebruikte prototypes: P8, P12, P13,

In deze test worden de ronddraaiende vormpjes, de regenboog en het telefoonwiel besproken.

Verwacht positief: Bewegende dingen zal ze het leukst vinden.

Onerwacht positief:
P13 Telefoon wiel spreekt haar aan ==> beweging + geluid.
P8 Rondraaiende vormpje, ze voelt er graag aan en beweegt ze zonder naar te kijken. ==> voelen.

Verwacht negatief: Ze zal het snel beu zijn, regenboog of ander zal snel kapot zijn.
Onverwacht negatief: Little challenging for Bernoux.

zaterdag 15 maart 2014

P22 lever

"Vitessen" knop waarbij je 3 standen hebt waar naar je kan verschuiven.

stukje speelgoed

Verwacht positief: Mechanisme zal ze snel doorhebben, boven naar beneden bewegen.
Onerwacht positief:

Verwacht negatief: Zal het waarschijnlijk kapot maken, snel beu zijn en niet kunnen linken aan "Vitessen"
Onverwacht negatief: Niet aangekomen

P21 spinning cylinder

Rolletje op as met strepen patroon er op.

stukje speelgoed

Verwacht positief: Simpel principe das zal snel door hebben dat het draaien is.
Onerwacht positief:

Verwacht negatief: Misschien raakt ze in de war gebracht door het hypnotiserende patroon in de cilinder. Ze zal er waarschijnlijk ook niet lang mee bezig zijn.
Onverwacht negatief: Enkel twee maal aan gekomen

P20 mirror

klein spiegeltje van 10 x 10 cm ongeveer.

stukje speelgoed

Verwacht positief: Op suggestie van de begeleiders hebben we de spiegels geïnstalleerd omdat dit fascinerend is voor Bernoux
Onerwacht positief:

Verwacht negatief: Soms kan Bernoux haarzelf verliezen in de spiegel.
Onverwacht negatief: Spiegel was blijkbaar te groot, zo verliest ze zichzelf sneller in de spiegel.

P19 butterfly

Zeer simpele vlinder met twee bewegende vleugels.

stukje speelgoed

Verwacht positief: Niet moeilijk om te snappen dus zal het snel doorhebben.
Onerwacht positief:

Verwacht negatief: Misschien zal ze er zelfs niet naar kijken omdat het een redelijk saai speelgoedje is.
Onverwacht negatief:

P18 steering wheel

Stuurwiel met gele toeter in het midden (drukknop) en groene pinker aan de rechterkant (3 klik standen).

stukje speelgoed

Verwacht positief: Draaien aan het blauwe stuurwiel
Onerwacht positief: Toeter die ze doorheeft (drukknop)

Verwacht negatief: Gele drukknop zal ze niet gebruiken of door hebben, hetzelfde voor de groene pinker.
Onverwacht negatief: Bijna niet gebruikt, vond het geheel niet aantrekkelijk.

P17 Radio

Rechter kant drukknop met melodie. Linkerkant draaiknop waarbij gele pin verschuift van link naar rechts en omgekeerd. Belangrijk detail: je kan de draaiknop enkel gebruiken als de muziek knop ingedrukt is.

stukje speelgoed

Verwacht positief: Melodie die ze leuk zal vinden, druk knop die zal gebruiken.
Onerwacht positief:

Verwacht negatief: Ze zal niet doorhebben dat er een link is tussen de twee knoppen.
Onverwacht negatief: Melodie wordt ze boos van, kan niet tegen de muziek.

P16 Activity center 2

Dit is het tweede activity center. Opnieuw een samenstelling van verschillende aparte speelgoedstukken. 

donderdag 13 maart 2014

P15 reinforcement on the back.

Because Bernoux is 18 year old, she has already a lot of power.
Verstevigingen aan de achterkant van het bord.

stukje speelgoed

Verwacht positief: Moeilijker om de speelgoed stukken los te rukken van het bord.
Onerwacht positief: Bernoux kwam praktisch niet aan de achterkant en had er geen behoefte aan.

Verwacht negatief: Zal uiteindelijk het bord toch naar de vaantjes krijgen.
Onverwacht negatief: Gooien met activity board

P14 Sense touchscreen stroke

Voelingsstrook met stof

stukje speelgoed

Verwacht positief: Voelen met hand of vinger over stof, leuke ervaring
Onerwacht positief: Meerdere malen over gewreven.

Verwacht negatief: Na 1 maal wrijven zal bernoux niet meer geïnteresseerd zijn + de strook zal niet lang op het bord blijven hangen.
Onverwacht negatief:

P13 phone dial wheel

Telefoon effect, klikkend geluid met draaibeweging

stukje speelgoed

Verwacht positief: Leuke draaibeweging met intensief zoeken naar gaatjes voor vingers
Onerwacht positief: Snelle reactie in kennis over het speelgoed

Verwacht negatief: Essentie met nummers niet snappen, snel zoeken naar ander speelgoed.
Onverwacht negatief:

P12 C - shaped "thing" with toys on

Halve ring met verschuifbare ringen rond

stukje speelgoed

Verwacht positief: Geïnteresseerd door beweging van ene kant naar andere kant
Onerwacht positief: lawaai effect die gecreëerd wordt bij beweging.

Verwacht negatief: Grote ring zal niet lang op het bord blijven --> kapot
Onverwacht negatief:

P10 Push button with sound

Speelgoed toeterknop

stukje speelgoed

Verwacht positief: Simpel speelgoed, toeter zal ze snel doorhebben
Onerwacht positief:

Verwacht negatief: Snel doorhebben --> snel beu
Onverwacht negatief: Geluid niet aantrekkelijk

P9 rotating gear, colors

Bij draaibeweging maakt het speelgoed een klikkend lawaai

stukje speelgoed

Verwacht positief: gefascineerd door het klikkend geluid en draaibeweging
Onerwacht positief:

Verwacht negatief: Zal misschien drukken op de knop of snel de draaibeweging beu zijn.
Onverwacht negatief:

P8 rotating toys

Rotating toys

stukje speelgoed

Verwacht positief: Leuk om aan te draaien, van links naar rechts bewegen.
Onerwacht positief:

Verwacht negatief: Kan ze snel kapot trekken.
Onverwacht negatief:

P7 prototype


stukje speelgoed om te schuiven

Verwacht positief: Eenvoudig te bedienen
Onerwacht positief:

Verwacht negatief:  ze zal het snel beu zijn, niet uitdagend genoeg.
Onverwacht negatief:

maandag 10 maart 2014

P6 Activity Center

Dit is het eerste Activity Center.
Hier hebben we verschillende speelgoedjes gecombineerd tot één geheel.
Dit zal dan getest worden op Bernoux.

donderdag 6 maart 2014


  • Affectivity:
o   Interpersonal:
-        People she knows, she pinch hard
-        Making rustling noises
-        Is easy distracted
-        Interactions with others is possible
-        Communication by means of pictograms

  • Physical:
-        Female 18 years old
-        Wheelchair bound
-        Inability to independently steps (little strength in lower extremities)
-        Creep stage
-        Pasteboard

  • Cognition:
-        Mental retardation of a 2-years old child

·       Spiritual:
- Attaches greatimportance to her bear before she goes to bed.
  • Selfcare:  
-        She’s protected by objects that could harm (such as a alarmclock by her bed,…)
-        Can independently moving (even on the mountain to the top of the institute)

  • Productivity:
-        Follows classes
-        Psychiotherapy (trunk stability and conservation the strength in lower extremities), speech therapy and occupational therapy

·       Leisure:
-        TV

  • Physical:
-        Fixation on the bed at three points
-        Fixation in the sofa
-        Crawls independently of the seat in the wheelchair
  • Institutioneel:
-        DVC Maria ter Engelen about two, three years

  • Sociaal:
-        Sleeps with two at a room.

  • Cultureel:
-        Belgian nationality
-        Western culture

Every prototype that is made, will be tested by Bernoux. The immediate family, as the father is questioned, with the institution where Bernoux resides (DVC Maria Ter Angels).


Long term objectives:

• The client brings herself to rest through the activity-board '.
• The client plays parallel with classmates on the basis of the activity-board '.
• The client fills in the free time in either separate or with the aid of the activity-board '.

Short term objectives:

·       The client discovers new things that interest in the activity board.

Wishes from DVC: durable, light projection, stimulus should be removed in space, to be able to play and challenging for Bernoux several people.