zondag 23 maart 2014

Observation Bernoux + Discussion with the educator on 15/03/2014

Observation Bernoux saturday 15/03/2014:

We choose an observation on Saturday. There are less people present at the center. Bernoux is less distracted and we can keep the focus on Bernoux.

- She likes rotating heads.
- She can withstand light noises
- She has some moments distraction -> Activity board -> challenge for Bernoux?
- She covers her ears when the noise is undesirable
- Interpretation: She likes prototype 12: shaped ''things'' with toys on
- She's restless if the educator leaves
- She takes the board of the table.
- She can't look for a longtime in the small mirror
- She throws her board away, if she's irritated

Discussion with the educator:

The educator was enthusiastic when we show her a movie from the Smartboard.
She shows us pictures from the centrum where they can rent some toys. They have a lot of toys that can be integrated in the activitycentrum. So we think also that the Smartboard is a bigger challenge.
We have discuss het price about the material. There is no budget in the centrum. We make a appointment with the dady of Bernoux.

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