maandag 21 april 2014

Preparation on the observation on 23/04/2014

Purpose of structured and participatory observation on 04/23/2014:
• Bernoux has sufficient sensorimotor functions and skills .
• Bernoux holds a dominant hand and hand fixation .
• Bernoux mastered sufficient coordination patterns in upper limbs such as reaching , make symmetrical movements , bimanual coordination , dissociations , ...

Types of handles:
- Ulnar handle: grab with pinky and ring finger
- Digito-palmar grip: grip with four fingers and the palm
- Digital Radio handle: grasp the thumb with the four fingers
Ø  Cylinder Handle: grasping with the thumb and fingertips
Ø  Key Grip: grasping with the thumb relative to the radial side of the index finger
Ø  3 - fingertip grip: grip with the thumb , index and middle finger
Ø   Inferior pincer grasp: grab the DIP ( distal inter - phalanx ) of the index finger and thumb
Ø   Superior grip tweezers: grasp with the tips of the thumb and index finger
Ø   Handle Cover Letter: surface of the fingers with full thumb opposition
Ø  Wide grip: Grasping with DIP's all fingers and thumbs
Ø   Handle Scissors: Opposition thumb - middle finger
Ø   Hook Handle: flexion of the fingers , with or without the thumb
Ø   Cross Handle: Opposition of the thumb with the index and middle finger , fixation with the other fingers
Ø  Latero lateral grip: Grasping the lateral sides of two fingers
Ø  Brush Handle: Grasping the thumb, index and middle finger
Ø   Pencil Grip: Grabbing the tips of the thumb and the index finger and the lateral side of the middle finger

Observe which handles Bernoux performs without any trouble .
Objects will be made to analyze in Bernoux . Handles the common during the structured and participant observation. Later, the sensors can be applied to the object (in this grip ) that it uses Bernoux best. (Here we are alert to the power of Bernoux and the possibility of destroying the material = durability!)
 è To use  ‘the Smartboard ' easy, we prefer the digito - palmar grip , grip the cylinder , the 3 - fingertip grip and wide grip .
On Wednesday, 23/04/2014 these handles are observed .

- Washing
- Glove
- Thick pin / glue tube
- Soft cloth
- Soft ball ( the mousse can’t be torn)
- Film
- Projector (from GKG )

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