woensdag 23 april 2014

Prototype 36-39

In the following movie you can see the handling of bernoux with the 4 different prototypes.
Bernoux was very calm and happy today so the collaboration was very good.

Movie Prototypes:


Prototype 36 (Gloves)

On the first test she wasn't able to get the gloves on in the right way. The second time she did.
This hand-tool offers a possibility to work with because she can put/keep it on her hand.

We only did a very short test so wee don't know how long she is able to hold in on (irritation or distraction).
The supervisors also told this was maybe a possibility.

Prototype 37 (Wristband)

As you can see in the movie, the wristband is very use friendly. It's very easy on and off. The disadvantage of this tool is that the (later attached) IR LED will be at the wrist and not the finger. She seems to have no problem having the wristband on.

Prototype 38 (Thick Pin)

The Thick Pin was not so popular. She seems to struggle with the working of it, also moving is very difficult. How thicker the pin, the less good it lies in your hand. So the conclusion with this tool is that it's a little to big to work with.

Prototype 39 (Small Pin)

Drawing has always been a weak point for bernoux. But coloring with a pin seems to work out. She proved that with the smaller pin. With this tool she is able to draw some lines on a piece of paper, the question is again how long she will be focused on the pen and eventually the smartboard.

Till now are of our options are still open. The real reactions will need to be tested with a real interaction. Then we can see how long they are focussed and if it comes throug the game or the hand-tool.

Giving an example of other people in the living group who are asking for attention. Meanwhile Bernoux was very distracted by the actions of the other person, so some of the test where a bit slower then the others

Movie distraction:


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