donderdag 6 maart 2014


  • Affectivity:
o   Interpersonal:
-        People she knows, she pinch hard
-        Making rustling noises
-        Is easy distracted
-        Interactions with others is possible
-        Communication by means of pictograms

  • Physical:
-        Female 18 years old
-        Wheelchair bound
-        Inability to independently steps (little strength in lower extremities)
-        Creep stage
-        Pasteboard

  • Cognition:
-        Mental retardation of a 2-years old child

·       Spiritual:
- Attaches greatimportance to her bear before she goes to bed.
  • Selfcare:  
-        She’s protected by objects that could harm (such as a alarmclock by her bed,…)
-        Can independently moving (even on the mountain to the top of the institute)

  • Productivity:
-        Follows classes
-        Psychiotherapy (trunk stability and conservation the strength in lower extremities), speech therapy and occupational therapy

·       Leisure:
-        TV

  • Physical:
-        Fixation on the bed at three points
-        Fixation in the sofa
-        Crawls independently of the seat in the wheelchair
  • Institutioneel:
-        DVC Maria ter Engelen about two, three years

  • Sociaal:
-        Sleeps with two at a room.

  • Cultureel:
-        Belgian nationality
-        Western culture

Every prototype that is made, will be tested by Bernoux. The immediate family, as the father is questioned, with the institution where Bernoux resides (DVC Maria Ter Angels).


Long term objectives:

• The client brings herself to rest through the activity-board '.
• The client plays parallel with classmates on the basis of the activity-board '.
• The client fills in the free time in either separate or with the aid of the activity-board '.

Short term objectives:

·       The client discovers new things that interest in the activity board.

Wishes from DVC: durable, light projection, stimulus should be removed in space, to be able to play and challenging for Bernoux several people.

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