donderdag 20 maart 2014

Prototype 30

New idea/prototype is a projection by a projector/beamer where simple tools can make an interactief smartboard.

You can find more info on the movie above or the links below:

We made a small price calculation with the necessary components:

- Wii remote controller (20-30 euro)

- Projector/beamer of LCD scherm
      Proposal: Pico projector ( +- 300 euro, small projectors)

- Laptop of pc (preferably 32-bit)
  (Microsoft (XP/Vista/MAC Bootcamp)

   - BlueSoleil
   - Widcomm
   - Dell/HP/ect Laptop
   - Toshiba
   - Logitech Stack

-Infrared-pen (low cost easy to make)

The advantage of this idea is that nothing can be destroyed.

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